May 2007

ISSN: 1932-8060
volume 1 issue 1

global-e, A Global Studies Electronic Journal: Précis
Sponsors of Global-e

Increasing connections and interdependencies among institutions and peoples around the world direct our attention to global studies.

Global Migration in Global Society
Niklaus Steiner

Steiner analyzes migration and global mobility from the perspective of a global society of 6 billion people.

The Intellectual Foundations of Global Studies
David Jacobson and Ning Wang

This paper focuses on areas that impact global studies, asserting that global studies is an opportunity to think unbound by disciplinary intellectual and institutional constraints.

The Nail House: Global Media, Local Politics
Michael Curtin

This paper looks at the controversies in China’s development and the response of local media with particular attention to Wu Ping’s media war to save his home from demolition.

Prospects in Global Studies
Iva Bozovic

Writing from the perspective of a prospective Global Studies faculty member, Bozovic argues that emerging global studies programs must adequately attend to its methods curricula.

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