Current and Recent Issues

volume 8 issue 6 (July 2014)

Airborne Globalization: A visual arts project that gives flying a human face
Roland Benedikter and Katja Siepmann
Benedikter and Siepmann explore the work of the artists, Natxo Bassols & Andrea Bueno, and its framing of global citizenship.

volume 8 issue 5 (June 2014)

Ford Model TThe End of the Long Twentieth Century? The Rise of China and the Possibilities of a New Global Fordism
Nick Jepson
Jepson considers the next stages in the evolution of global capitalism.


volume 8 issue 4 (May 2014)

Global pop culture icons, Monastiraki Flea market, Athens, GreecVisual Culture and Globalization: The Visual Archive Project of the Global Imaginary
Tommaso Durante
Durante explores how the global imaginary is symbolically and socially produced.


volume 8 issue 3 (April 2014)

37-howard-this4thofjulyArticulation in the Web of Transnational Social Movements
Christopher Chase-Dunn and Nicolas Pascal
Chase-Dunn and Pascal explore how the New Global Left might address emergent global crises.




volume 8 issue 2 (March 2014)

800px-MSC_Poesia_Vision_of_the_Seas_&_Mein_Schiff_2_in_Tallinn_13_June_2012Cruise Ships and Global Capitalism: The Industry’s Shifting Political Economy
Jeb Sprague
Sprague explores the globalizing cruise industry and how it benefits and disadvantages certain social groups.


volume 8 issue 1 (January 2014)

worldlitA Pact With Books: The Public Life of World Literature
B. Venkat Mani
Mani discusses the current state and future prospects for world literature in a globalized world.


volume 7 issue 5 (November 2013)

chart-global-economy-financial-growth-map-17328317Why Global Students Should Study Economics
Aashish Mehta
Mehta explains the importance of economics to the field of global studies.


volume 7 issue 4 (October 2013)

F68F009B-8776-4E67-9BE4-FFE3DAF028E0_mw1024_n_sMilitant Eradicationism and the Politicization of Global Health
Richard C. Keller
Keller explores how politics affect global medicine.

volume 7 issue 3 (September 2013)

Studying Regional Variations in Globalization
Jonathan Lewis
Lewis demonstrates regional differences in views on globalization through analysis of book titles.

volume 7 issue 2 (August 2013)

A ‘Confucian’ Challenge to Global Environmentalism
Ole Bruun
Bruun looks at the impact of China’s policies on the global environment.

volume 7 issue 1 (July 2013)

Race to the Bottom of the Global Knowledge Economy
Michael Curtin
Curtin looks at global labor issues in media and entertainment.

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